With the premiere of The Bachelorette's fourteenth season comes a new season of My Wife Is In This Room: A Post-Bachelor Podcast! SUBSCRIBE HERE so you don't miss a minute!

For newbies, here's the blurb:

"My Wife Is In This Room is a podcast about post-Bachelor life hosted by married couple Liz and Ross. We'll take a weekly deep dive into all things The Bachelor, recapping the latest episodes and the latest gossip, and peering into the souls of 25 year-old dental hygienists so you don't have to. New episodes drop Wednesdays during the Bachelor/Bachelorette season."

One of my favorite sketches will be in the Pussies Grab Back showcase this Thursday!


With Kylie Contreary, Laura Hartley, Carolina Hoyos, Megan McIver, Leandra Ryan, Francesca Santoro

Written by Cassie Feldman, Bridget Flaherty, Liz Galvao, Jessica Guerra, Jennifer Halligan, Sarah, Kaplan, Kelsey Klemme, Nicole Mackie, Grace Tierk, Lauren Scharf

Pussies Grab Back is THE premiere all-female sketch comedy show in LA. Previously a popular monthly show at iO West, Pussies Grab Back features talented female actors and writers on the rise. So go ahead and treat yourself to an entire hour of brunch sketches. Err… Probably just one brunch sketch. Probably. Directed by Cait Raft. Leandra Ryan and Megan McIver are the show's producers.

Tickets are FREE via online reservation