I've been working in video content roughly since I graduated college in 2009, specializing in short-form digital comedy content. My work at Movies on Demand and CollegeHumor has given me a big picture view of the industry, while my personal collaborations have allowed me to apply my sense of humor to everything from political calls to action to half-hour comedies. I love the challenge of writing for new formats, and if a project scares me, I usually say yes to it.

6 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer, 2019
Branded video

I collaborated with LaserAway and contributed jokes to their Breast Cancer Awareness Month video.


Directed & Produced by Ben Espiritu

New York Has a Secret, 2018
Political action video

In the New York primary elections, the dedicated detectives who protect our democracy are known as Indivisible: Voter Suppression Unit. This is their story.

Produced in conjunction with Indivisible Nation: Brooklyn for the 2018 Primary Elections.

Directed & Produced by Jason Duffett

Written by Liz Galvao
Starring Catherine Curtin (Insecure, Orange is the New Black) and Shawn Randall (Law & Order)

Women of Herstory: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, 2016

Get the facts on famous American suffragist, writer, and women's rights activist Elizabeth Cady Stanton!

Written, Performed & Edited by Liz Galvao

No Bones About It, 2015, 30 min.
Comedic short film

No Bones About It is a comedy mockumentary about what happens to two friends when the pressures of a high-stakes Bones-watching marathon threaten to tear them apart. Actually filmed while the cast watched the entire first season of Bones in twenty-four hours, No Bones About It is a hilarious journey deep into the quirks of male friendship, social media, binge-watching, and the love between a detective and a forensic anthropologist.

Directed by Jason Duffett

Written by Liz Galvao
Cinematography by Will Castellucci

The Mast Brothers: An Introduction, 2016

Meet the Brooklyn chocolatiers everyone is talking about! Where did they come from, and how do they feel about their NY Times scandal?

Written, Edited & Narrated by Liz Galvao

Fuller House of Cards, 2016

Coming soon to Netflix: House of Cards is about to get... Fuller!

Written, Edited & Narrated by Liz Galvao