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Like You Know Whatever is my biweekly email newsletter that I've been writing since 2014. It's a combination of micro-personal essays, my super secret diary, pop culture obsessions, and rants and raves.

It’s a personal email from your messy, sometimes embarrassingly honest friend who is just dying to tell you about the weird thing that happened to her at the pharmacy last week and the latest book/movie/band she’s fallen in love with.

Readers say:

“Like a thoughtful update from a long-distance bestie.”

“It's like catching up with a friend over a drink and they tell you all their favorite new things.”

“Liz is, as Wendy Williams would say, ‘my feminist friend in my head.’ Reading LYKW is like chatting with a best pal about where to get lunch but also our fears, joys, and favourite snacks & TV. She's funny and thoughtful and leads a cool LA/NY lifestyle that inspires me and is aspirational without talking down to her readers.”

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