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Soft Boiled

A comedy web series that explores the complexities of workplace relationships. Set in a Los Angeles coffee shop, Soft Boiled follows Gina, an aspiring writer, and Al, a rudderless musician, as they navigate new romances, fend off weird managers and struggle to keep their dreams alive.

Written by James Roehl

Directed by Liz Galvao

No Bones About It

A comedy about what happens to two friends when the pressures of a high-stakes Bones-watching marathon threaten to tear them apart. Actually filmed while the cast watched the entire first season of Bones in twenty-four hours, No Bones About It is a hilarious journey deep into the quirks of male friendship, social media, binge-watching, and the love between a detective and a forensic anthropologist.

Directed by Jason Duffett

Written by Liz Galvao

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